What can be said about Zooxanthellae that you don’t already know, amirite?

Well, Zooxanthellae is really a colloquialism for the genus Symbiodinium (a dinoflagellate*), which is a unicellular algae commonly found in corals (and jellyfish, sponges, anemones etc) with whom they have a symbiotic relationship, transferring the products of photosynthesis in return for nutrients like ammonium and carbon dioxide. Their mutually beneficial relationship with corals makes them a very important part of the coral reef ecosystem, and this in return makes them the most numerous card in the Phylo Coral Reef Card Set!


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*The word Dinoflagellate comes from the Greek ‘dinos’ meaning ‘whirling’ and Latin ‘flagellum’ (which you should be familiar with by now, ‘whip’). Whereas Dinosaur comes from the Greek ‘Deinos’ ‘terrifying, frightful’ and “sauros’ ‘lizard’. Even if it isn’t the same word, it seems like a tip of the hat from one end of a spectrum to the other.