It’s an organic ballet we do here at Sci-ence. With one post gently nudging or inspiring the other*. We don’t really coordinate but also try not to step on each others toes (this is how ballet works, rite?). We seem to have strayed into a (developmental) biology sector for the last few posts, and since I actually did know, this time around, what Maki is cooking up in his brain-wombTM for his next post, I was safe in breaking out this old chestnut.

Admittedly a tired topic, I thought it would nevertheless be fun to present it with some speculative interpretations. While researching the primordial soup I came across the idea of lipid bilayer vesicles/micelles contributing to protocell development and figured it was a good starting point. Debates about the first possible eggs come from the first multi celled animals and the possibility of land-eggs even before terrestrial plants comes from some (very uncertain) fossil footprints.
With reptiles we get the first solid eggs and are on our way**, to chickens, stupid questions***, not-really causality dilemmas, frustrated biologists, and ultimately–silly web comics.

This post was brought to you by Roentgenium (Rg).
*Only valid for participating post clusters.

**Though I still reserve the right to a featherless T.Rex.

***Yes, they exist–in abundance.