Two years ago today I sat down and drew a comic strip about NASA’s arsenic life press conference in December of 2010. I had decided before then that drawing comics about science was the way for me to cure the artistic malaise that was gripping me at the time, and the epic un-nnouncement was the perfect moment. It was there that my hammer first struck.

The dust barely settled before Nadir joined and the two of us began cranking out comics at a regular pace. It was hard, thankless work in those early days—we busted our asses just trying to be noticed by somebody. I cannot thank him enough for his tireless contributions, and I still wonder how many really great comics went unseen.

Two years later it’s still hard work, and I felt with the recent Curiosity hoopla that Mars was fitting place to hold this somewhat bittersweet anniversary. I’ve somehow managed to juggle this page, work responsibilities, and social relationships with questionable success. I won’t lie—I lost a lot in the process.

That said, I don’t plan on stopping, and as we speak, I have some serious pies in the oven. Very exciting pies. The future looks good, but I’m a terrible baker, so I’ll tell you more once they’ve had time to cool.

In the meantime, kick back with me and go through the site archives. Find me some of those hidden gems the world never saw.