Congratulations to the MSL team and NASA JPL for the most flawless execution of an utterly insane plan. Our species has landed a goddamn truck on the surface of another world using a parachute and a flying crane. There are no words.

The excitement in the control room as each stage went off was contagious, and I had to keep myself from shouting along with the hard working folks at mission control.

There is truth in the axiom “Those who dare, win,” and we all saw it in action last night.


[Edit 2:48am EDT] A ROCKET POWERED CRANE. Holy crap, we rock. Watching the press conference now, who can sleep at a time like this?

[Edit 3:00am EDT] Nuclear-powered truck!! WHOOO!

The rest of the comic will follow on Tuesday. I just couldn’t post it without giving the MSL team a day’s worth of proper congratulations.