The universe has a strange sense of timing. As the World Science Festival began it’s final day on Sunday, and I could finally begin to be excited about today’s Strip Search, I received word that the family matriarch, Grandma Naro had returned all the atoms she was borrowing from the Earth.

My cousin and I drove upstate yesterday, and as we approached her home where my family had gathered, my stomach sank. I’m not a particularly emotional person—something I see more as broken bit of machinery than as a character strength—but nothing sets me off more than seeing other people cry.

I was a fool. I had underestimated the Naro Family spirit. People were eating, drinking, laughing, and celebrating the life of a woman who lived 99.999% of her life healthy and vibrant. And believe me, no belly laugh was passed up in the name of “too soon.”

So cheers to Grandma Naro. While she will be missed, she didn’t really go anywhere. She’s just different.




Thanks to everyone for your kind words during this time.
Speaking of timing, my whole family (who is Catholic) wanted to watch today’s episode together, and all I could think was, “Oh no…not now. Not with those topics… fffffuuuuuuuuuu”