“Where did you get that shirt?”

It wasn’t the most popular question. That prize goes to “Did you win?” and “How do I grew beard?”. But it was easily my favorite. I carefully selected what t-shirts I wore for the show, and I’m glad you noticed.

Now then…
Where You Can Get These Shirts:

Panda Bear by Gnome Enterprises

I’m Fat. Let’s Party by SEIBEI
When Episode 5 aired, somebody pointed out to David Murray that I was wearing one of his shirts. He remembered me because my friends and I* were drunk at the 2011 NY Comic Con and all of us bought one and had a photo taken with the SEIBEI crew. Good times.

Coney Island Octopus by Gnome Enterprises
I liked this one because the Coney Island parachute jump tower looks like the Space Needle. NYC and Seattle come together.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Shirt  from PAX East

Pharyngula Cuttlefish Tee by Skeptical Robot
Note: The 1871 engraving used on the shirt depicts an “eight-armed cuttle-fish.”

Wang Fu by Penny Arcade

I Hate Myself and I Want to Die by Engrish.com
This is my oldest shirt. It’s at least 9 or 10 years old.

Figshare by Figshare
This is by far the nerdiest shirt I own. Figshare is a database for scientists to deposit all their research output—not just what get’s published in a journal. It allows researchers to learn from other researchers in an easy, citable format.

Team Maki by Science Swag
Why don’t you own this, yet?


 *It might have been just me.