Continuing the theme for inattentional blindness from Tuesday, we look at an experiment performed by Trafton Drew, Melissa Vo, and Jeremy Wolfe at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Reported by NPR, It was inspired by a famous video produced in 1999 by psychologists Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris. I probably should have posted the clip yesterday to prime you for today’s comic, but it’s likely that you’ve already seen it. In any case, watch the clip below and see if you can keep track of the basketball passes.

When Simons and Chabris first conducted this test at Harvard University, half of the participants literally missed the gorilla in the room. I have to admit that I, too, completely missed it the first time. But like the fire extinguishers in the UCLA study, once it was pointed out, I found it impossible to miss it again.

Perhaps you’ve seen this video. Or perhaps I accidentally spoiled it by showing it after the gorilla comic. No matter, I have another one for you. This clip was made by the esteemed psychologist, magician, and quirkologist Richard Wiseman. Watch the card and see if you can figure out the trick.

Pretty brilliant, right?



UPDATE: Commenter Pwnedchemist dropped this one off for you all. I’m pretty sure we have featured this clip before, and by now you’re all pro observers, right? Should be a piece of cake, right? Let’s see how you fare:




I realize that technically it is a lung ape, but I decided to throw science under the bus for a funnier sounding word.