Be sure to have your handy Red Flags of Quackery handy!

This is the start of one of those comics that just grew and grew as I was drawing it. Each time I thought I’d end it, I’d have to stop and think, “Well, I need to add a few panels to address this thing or that thing.” By the end of Wednesday night, I had a fully laid out, half-drawn, really long, crippled comic about acupuncture. Yesterday morning, I got a better idea.

I’ve been meaning to do a comic about acupuncture for ages, and some recent responses to the extinction of the Western African Black Rhino strengthened my resolve to tackle the subject outright. I find it daft that acupuncture is the “okay” branch of an otherwise completely outdated biological model. It’s as if we threw out humorism (we did) but kept the practice of eating mummies. In fact, it’s as if it’s cool to eat mummies. “My yoga teacher says mummia did wonders for their fibromyalgia*.” That’s what it’s like. Then researchers would do a bunch of studies and find that eating the mummies seems to treat new-age coddling. But I don’t want to give too much away.

In this scenario I would be writing about the last Egyptian mummy, stolen from a museum to grind into impotence medication.

So enjoy the next few comics. It’s a story in three acts, but not necessarily over three days. I’ve acquiesced to the fact that this may take a few comics to explain. I also really want to push the bar of what we can do here, and experiment a little. If it works, I have a new plot device for explaining psuedoscience. If not. It’ll be fun anyway. TTFN.


This post was brought to you by Holmium (Ho).

*I packed so many worms into that sentence.

Many thanks to Dropping the Science for featuring my lasers comic. And special thanks to commenter Amanda, who taught me a little something about the sexual dimorphism of fruit flies (I will edit the comic asap) Cheers!