When I drew last Wednesday’s comic, it was intended as a throwaway. You know, mention the super moon, tie-in to running joke that making incorrect statements about astronomical phenomena cause astronomers to pop out of the woodwork like Candyman or Beetlejuice, throw in a zombie Phil Plait. It was in that last step where I erred.

When Phil linked to the comic, suddenly, the pressure was on. People were looking at it. I couldn’t just move on to egg balancing jokes (foreshadowed in today’s piece) without giving the notion of “Super Woo” addled zombie astronomers some addressing. So here we go. I hope it makes some semblance of sense, and apologies in advance to Pamela, Sean, and Alan (much winking and good naturedness).

The actual lunar perigee has since come and gone. As expected, there are photos of it everywhere. As also expected, they look the same as any other photos of a marvelous full moon. As expected, there was a heavy selection bias on photos that feature the dreaded moon illusion. While pretty, this only serves to reinforce the notion that the moon was HUGE on Saturday. When really, it was just slightly huge-er from less super far away.

At the very least, I hope you all got some lovely moon-watching out of it. It may just be a giant rock in the sky, but I suppose it’s our rock.


This post was brought to you by rotate vs revolve, the truly amateur mistake I made last week (Thanks Phil). That’s what I get for writing early in the morning. Earth rotates on axis, moon revolves around the Earth.