Today’s comic/infographic is a veritable who’s who of big ocean exploration. Mind you that, aside from Sylvia Earle, it’s more of “who’s shelling out the dough” rather than “who’s doing the science.” It originally appeared on last week, where they have been focusing on where ocean exploration has been taking us. Now it is here, and it is bigger, brighter, and has 83% more Dancing Yeti Crabs.

A note on the comic, I had originally planned to work in a quote from Sylvia Earle regarding our casual disregard for ocean exploration at the top. She once said to Google’s “Geo” products director John Hanke, “You’ve done a great job with the dirt, but there’s all that water out there—the world is blue.” This apparently got under Hanke’s skin, and Google’s ocean mapping initiative started shortly thereafter.  But with her and Google’s former CEO right at the top, it seemed too crowded. Plus, it started the comic off on a “Google Maps” foot, when really it was supposed to be about submersible exploration.

Sort of related: I’ve been trying to catch up on podcasts, and I was listening to my backlog of Scopes Monkey Choir when Matt began talking about humming birds that make songs with their tail feathers as they dive. It’s a really neat show, go listen; I’ll wait. Okay. He was trying to find the word for the bottom of a parabola or elliptical shape thing (opposite of the apex) which as Hai-Ting pointed out, is the nadir. As in our Nadir. The nadir can be defined as the “lowest point” or “opposite of the zenith” (he relishes this, trust me). At any rate it led to an unexpected “Maki and Nadir” mention that cracked me up. Though it makes me feel like even more of an ass for not being up to speed on what my friends are doing.

How is that related to oceans? Oh- uh- when I first looked it up years ago (after Nadir told me about it) I thought I found that it had a specific nautical definition related to water depth. Now I can’t find it, so yeah.

Story Collider is this evening! If you live in the NYC area and love a good story, you need to be here. I mean, I don’t know what you’re doing otherwise.

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