Welcome back, folks, for another edition of What Are Scientists Shooting Lasers At? where in each comic we take a look at what scientists are shooting lasers at. If I had named the series Where Are Scientists Shooting Lasers, Yo?, it could take the initialism, WASSLY, which is pretty close to the name of Nadir’s dog. How rad is that?

Anyway, short on time here, so I’ll get to the list. Enjoy!

Argus II’s Second Sight

Confocal Scanning Laser Microscope. Now with more awesome critter close-ups!

Now Witness the Firepower of a Fully Armed and Operational Mars Rover

Laser Bees! Thanks to Mad Art Lab‘s Brian George for sharing these a while back. There are similar plans to use ground-based lasers to slow down space junk enough that it re-enters the atmosphere.

Finally, this PSA about laser safety was brought to you by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who will empty your bank account and garnish your wages for the rest of your life if they catch you pointing a laser at a plane. With great power, comes great responsibility. Don’t be a moron. Also an article on “laser hooligans” in Russia targeting landing airliners.


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