Today (October 5th, 2011) the world received notice that Steve Jobs, co-founder, former CEO, and mastermind of Apple Computers had died. For a while now, we had watched him slowly succumb to one of the most deadly cancers out there—his body weight becoming a visual analog of his waning health. His passing was not a sudden shock, rather a slow tip of the hat as he walked by.

He lived life to the fullest—perhaps even striving too hard, pushing the limits, and getting results. He told us to think different, while amusingly creating the most recognizable brand out there. He picked Apple off the ground and made it a name synonymous with innovation, style, and ease of use, even if at the same time it had become a symbol of wealth and first-world excess to those who could not afford it.

Whether you saw him as a visionary or just a man with a product, you cannot deny the indelible mark he left upon the Earth. Every time you see any small, touchscreen phone, a tablet, an mp3 player, or a laptop, you’ll think of Steve. Good night, sweet prince.



Watch this 1987 clip from Apple, and how eerily prophetic it is. Perhaps they have a time machine (H.G. Wells, not Snow Leopard) or more likely it is a testament to the company’s vision and unwavering direction.


Sad Addendum: Noticing a lot of antagonism and “he should have…” commentary about Steve.

It can wait, folks. He’s not going anywhere.

Don’t be a funeral protester. Respect his grieving family, and praise his accomplishments. We can all only hope for the same treatment when we go.