Another project I’ve been working on is illustrating a story for the Brooklyn science-storytelling organization, Story Collider. If you’re familiar with all their stories, you’ll be able to pick this one out immediately. Audrey found it interesting to learn what I envision when I think of a tall, athletic, good-looking guy from the 1970′s. I think it worries her a bit. To be honest, I was going for “tall, athletic, slightly douchey from the 70′s” and I think it goddamned worked.

I just got back from a weekend upstate visiting my family. We did quite a bit, including a fossil hunt that netted me a raccoon skull and getting the “Walked the Entirety of Watkins Glen Gorge without Dying” achievement. Suffice to say, I’ve got a list of comics and articles for you coming up. I tried to work on them on the train ride back to NYC, but this appropriately meta doodle shows what actually happened.

"A good place for the pencil in this drawing would be my nose."

I know it’s been a little light from my end as of late, but I enjoy being able to make a more fleshed-out, color comic with a well-researched article—even if I have to pad the time with some previews and quick “stay tuned” articles. So keep your eye out for some comics about North American fossil deposits, rubber ducks, and a new installment I’m working on.