Hey everyone! Twi big announcements today. First, we have just passed the halfway point in my Kickstarter campaign, and to commemorate this milestone, I have some amazing news: There is a new tier at the $175 level where you can get your hands on your very own handmade Pineapple Maki Plushie!


This limited edition, one-of-a-kind item (made by the amazing Tally Heilke) is marked with a special backer’s patch and comes with a signed certificate of authentication.

Supplies are limited, and they may not be available ever again, so go claim one nowBooyah!



In science news: Remember the University of Queensland pitch drop experiment? It still hasn’t dropped yet. But what I never mentioned was that there was another pitch drop experiment running at Trinity College in Dublin. That’s right. It’s like in the film, Contact, when you find out there was another machine built in secret all along. Except it wasn’t a secret. I just never told you.

Similar to Queensland, the Trinity College drop had a camera trained on their experiment, and yesterday it all paid off. We have a pitch drop. According to RTE News/Ireland, the drop fell last Thursday in a moment celebrated by grass and wet paint watchers everywhere.

It’s pretty damn cool! What  surprised me was how fluid it still was at the moment of dropping. I had expected that the drop would just suddenly break at one point from a combination of its weight and thinness of the connection, but the video shows a fluid drop the whole way though.  Incredible stuff.