Earlier in the summer Maki and I did some paintings* for the World Science Festival (eagle-eyed readers might have seen mention of this in the archives somewhere). The illustrations were for a deck of cards set within a larger card game called Phylo. Phylo, in their own words “is a project that began as a reaction to the following nugget of information: Kids know more about Pokemon creatures than they do about real creatures. We think there’s something wrong with that.” Word.

The World Science Festival’s deck depicts the coral reef ecosystem and was commissioned as part of their coral reef exhibit ‘Reefs as Never Before Seen’. Over here you can find more information, and download PDF decks or print ready cards to start playing, learning, and hopefully teaching kids about real world animal adventures.

Although this is mostly an online/printable card game, The Coral Reef set did get an actual, albeit limited**, print run, and I finally got my mitts on it! This is what the set, and today’s card, The Tiger Shark look like:



I’ve been waiting to share these images in a non dressed up and larger format since we did them. So here’s the first one, Tiger Shark!

Click for biggification.









*Digital paintings, if that wasn’t obvious (though I believe we were the only ones to go all digital in this particular deck).

**The people demand moar!