Anyone else miss comic books on newsprint?
I sure do, so I thought I’d do a bit of an experimental style today.

Surely I can’t be the first person to point out the similarities between the Mayan story and Shakespeare. Is there anything more timeless,  more human, than public penile blood-letting?

I know it’s not 2012 yet so you may be wondering why I’m picking on the Mayans. Well even though the long count isn’t supposed to end until December next year, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a whole lot about it as we enter December this year. So I wanted to get my unrelated Mayan kicks in before it became nauseating. That and I felt like drawing some cool headdresses. Say what you will about the insane suffering visited upon a people in the name of superstition and ritual, but damn did they know how to accessorize!

If I were to make up a pro’s and con’s column it might just come out a tie. On the one hand you have ‘ripping someones still beating heart out and waiving it at the Sun, yelling ‘Come at me Bro!’ On the other hand you have a language and system of hieroglyphs rivaling that of Ancient Egypt in style, aesthetics and imagination.
Again on the one hand you have ‘pulling a length of rope with obsidian flakes attached to it through your own penis, collecting the blood and burning it as a fertility offering’, and on the other hand you have the  natural corollary: ‘Awesome fashion sense’. This is where the headdresses and stylistic conventions come into play.

It’s only because these practices disappeared with the culture* that we can be lighthearted and sarcastic, like the whole ‘Gesuntheit/God bless you’ issue, but when you stop to think about what the civilization went through before wiping themselves out/succumbing to the environment (not to mention the conquistadors’ handling of whatever was left), it really makes you appreciate being an innocent bystander now, instead of then**.


This post was brought to you by Rubidium (Rb).


*Maya specific of course. Human sacrifice, unfortunately, still lingers to this day.

**I’d say this about almost every other time period as well, save a few.