Last time we ventured 250 million years into the past, our ancient amphibian protagonist was foraging for food (early insects such as flies, wasps, and beetles) when a deadly predator was introduced.

The pristerognathus was a cat-sized synapsid (similar to the Thrinaxodon, but larger) that lived roughly in the same time period that our story takes place in. How will our hero get out of this one?

Been in slight panic mode trying to get the new site designed and off the ground (the good news is that it’s me holding things back, and not any sort of technical issues…yet) as well as prepare for New York Comic Con next month!

If you recall, Katie, Mac, and I won Artist Alley tables during Strip Search. We’ll be there all weekend from October 11-13 at tables V5, V6, and V7! Hope you’ll come visit.