Funny how it is. I spent the entire weekend hanging out with Nadir and there is no comic to speak of. For those who don’t know, we are geographically separated, and communicate mostly via short e-mails like the one listed below:

Subject: mon comic

Body: lol can you hit the publish button for me? kthx

It works surprisingly well, and despite our crazy side schedules, we do pretty good. So you’re wondering, “When you two hang out, you don’t draw comics?” Of course not. We’re usually too busy eating, drinking, or coming up with hare-brained new website ventures. But never fear, I had planned ahead. This comic is an older piece that I dug up  from the archives of The Bard, my neglected portfolio. Comics on The Bard tended to be less specifically science-based, with a little more focus on fleshing out the characters you are familiar with from Sci-ənce.

Anyway, enjoy! We’ll be back to our regular schedule on Wednesday.


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