Believe it or not, today’s comic is actually part of a larger work. See, I promised a follow-up to the popular piece on rice cookers, and I plan to deliver. My research into some more advanced models led me to rice cooker king Zojirushi, where I had the pleasure of speaking with marketing manager Marilyn Matsuba. Rather than draw a comic like the one above and then post the interview in the article, I have decided to illustrate a cut down version of the interview, and then provide the full transcript via link. The resultt will be a slightly silly look at the new science of cooking rice, which utilizes magnetic induction heating and fuzzy logic processors.

Fuzzy set theory was pioneered by Lotfi Zadeh (pictured above) and is used heavily in the field of robotics. It differs from Boolean logic in that rather than just True or False, there are degrees of Truthness and Falseness. Or “Truthiness” as coined by Colbert. Think of it as a dial as opposed to an on-off switch.

So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I have to figure out how to fit this into a comic…


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