This is not the M-Theory you are looking for.

The earth is hit with more than a hundred tons of space debris every day. That’s a lot of space garbage flying around. Granted most of it is made up of tiny sand and dust like particles but with a bit of luck you may get to see a larger meteor-fireball streaking through the atmosphere every now and again*. That’s a treat. I saw one of these while on a highway at night a couple years back, it flashed green as it lit up across the sky.

Here’s a great example.

Not being in a cosmic frame of mind I was startled (stundled even) thinking it may be a plane falling out of the sky. And the fact that it was so bright (basically exploding) and seeing it travel from the zenith towards the horizon very quickly also gave the impression that it was falling straight down rather than across the sky.

Why bring any of this up? Well my favorite 2012 doomsday scenario is the meterorite disaster. It has a lot of potential for one thing and it’s also really fun to yell “C’moon Comet!”

Whether we collectively crash and burn in a hollywood apocalypse or find ourselves fine and well come next year, I wish you all a great MM12!

This post was brought to you by the real M-Theory.
*on average a car sized meteor burns up in the atmosphere every year, but smaller pieces can light up nicely as well.