UPDATE: I must apologize. I was made aware that an image of the lunar lander, correctly portrayed without the command module, was incorrectly added to this tableau of inaccuracies. I shall fix it at a later time.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all celebrated to your heart’s content. While you were hungover, the Chinese were plotting. SCHEMING, even. In 2009, China’s space agency was successful in piloting unmanned craft into the moon’s surface, and now they have their sights set on a soft landing. All of this is in preparation for a Chinese MOON TAKEOVER. They’re going to land on the moon, scuff up Neil Armstrong’s footprints, and say stuff like, “One small step for man, one Great Leap Forward for China!” Oh the horror!

Of course, my tongue is planted firmly in cheek. Not only is it about time another nation has made footprints on another stellar body, but the world could use a little dream stirring. My hope is that this news both inspires a new generation of future astronauts (and maybe threatens American space superiority) into supporting a bigger space program. I’m rooting for Earth on this one. A billion Chinese children inspired to become astronauts is still a billion children inspired to be astronauts. Hopefully they inspire some of our kids along the way.


This post was brought to you by Boron (B).

UPDATE: NASA has some great articles on the weirdness of the moon, duct tape, and moon dust in particular (no pun intended).