This isn’t the first comic about a Mars-based reality TV premise. Nor is the concept so strange to me anymore. But the difference between MArs-500 and its predecessor is that the former was a real experiment—a series of experiments, in fact. The production crews are probably going through the footage as we speak. While only one went the full 520-day duration (the experiment involved several teams that ramped up to the finale), I’m sure they all have some voyeuristic gems.

I’m going to post comics about Mars-500 over the next few comic days (which are officially Tuesdays and Fridays now) in which I’ll tell you how the real experiment went, and draw comics about my version. The real account has some good stuff, but I promise to be at least slightly more entertaining. I’ll post the link to one of the big results, so spoil it, if you like. You probably already have, if you keep up with science news like I do. Such is the danger of my medium.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I’ll have the first installment for you tomorrow! So stay tuned, and enjoy.