The combination of a great week—

—Scratch that, AMAZING week. Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait just posted about Lunar Errata on his blog (Thanks, Phil!)

—and feeling a little under the weather nets me with a break and you readers with a comic from the vault. I drew this back in 2009, probably not too long after I got my drawing tablet. I honestly didn’t realize I’ve owned it for that long.

This conversation between Matt and Julie* was an actual conversation I had while Audrey was watching me play Prototype. So her concerns were valid given the fucked-up nature of that game. Nothing makes me happier than getting lost in a narrative or game universe for a while. Speaking of getting lost in stuff, I started Elder Scrolls: Skyrim this weekend, which speaks to this comic more than Prototype did. It’s absolutely breathtaking. There’s something about looking out over a gorgeous vista, spotting some ancient ruins on a rocky cliff miles and miles away and thinking, “Let’s go there.”

There will be comic about once I get a little further in so I have stuff to talk about aside from all the damn “Bethseda” bugs that I can’t believe haven’t been solved yet. I mean, really, they’ve had more than 3 games to fix goddamn clipping errors and objects flying across the room when you open a door. This game is just as good as any horror piece when you enter a room and a shelf full of pots and pans burst out like there was some poltergeist in the lodge.

Something to look forward to . The comic, not bug fixes. Well. Bug fixes too. All when I return to you as DOVAHKIIN.


This post was brought to you by Aluminum(Al). Aluminium for those of you across the pond. 

*Julie was Matt’s asian girlfriend during the time I was drawing comics on my portfolio site. Most of these characters, including Ozgur and one of the two sisters I have yet to name, came from an animated piece I made in my junior year of college revolving around the characters.

The comic has a bit of a callback in it, as Matt is the modern slice-of-life analog of Alec Corbin (the guy in the 2nd panel), a reluctant anti-hero type from a fantasy series I’ve been developing in my head for ages now. I spent some time digging around my hard drive and found some old ass sketches. Enjoy!


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