Maiden’s Hair aka Chlorodesmis fastigiata is a marine algae and plankton species. It’s also commonly known as turtle weed, though Maiden’s hair is clearly superior in eliciting interest. It definitely beats what I would have named it, patchy-water-grass, but while illustrating this one I also thought it could be kicked up a notch to Mermaid’s hair. That sound pretty exotic*.

Of course there already are things called water grass and even mermaid’s hair –but be warned, just like a real mermaid, house rules apply: you can ogle them all you want but if you touch them, they’ll mess you up.

Today’s Maiden’s Hair can be found biggified below, and previous Phylo Coral Reef entries are here and here and here.










*plus what’s this ‘maiden’ doing under water? and what happened to the rest of her? the horror stories write themselves.