Quick comic today. My girlfriend and I woke up early to go to the NY Comic Con on Saturday. It was great. I actually went to a couple panels, which was refreshing because the show floor was absolutely unnavigable. I walked the floor twice and pretty much saw nothing because I was too busy squeezing past people or being pushed along the flow of traffic.

Anyway, on the way to the Javits center we walked past Macy’s department store, where I was somewhat surprised to see a line of people waiting for the store to open. The image of me in a stormtrooper outfit loudly saying “Wow, that’s pathetic” immediately entered my head.

That said, the whole “wait in line for stuff” is my least favorite part of cons. This year we both applied for Professional passes so we didn’t have to wait in the big one. Sadly, if you want to see the good stuff, you have to play the line camping game—as we learned when we showed up only an hour three hours early for the Firefly reunion. We quickly found that everybody else is better at waiting in line than us, and had piled into the event hall that morning and camped out in their seats all day. That’s professional level line waiting. Ah well.


What panels did I see? We saw one about how the Dracula character has changed over the years, led by Dacre Stoker (Yes, that Stoker), vampire expert John Edgar Browning, and screenwriter James V. Hart (Hook, Dracula, Contact). It was pretty cool talk, and made me realize you can get a degree in vampire studies.

The other panel was a Q&A with manga artist Moyoco Anno, which I had coincidentally just read about a few days before. I’m a huge fan of Japanese singer/songwriter/composer Ringo Shiina, and while catching up on her latest work I found she made the soundtrack to a movie called Sakuran, which is adapted from a manga drawn by Moyoco Anno. I’ll leave you with a song from the soundtrack.


Footnote: There actually was somebody dressed as King Hippo from Punchout at Comic Con. He was a really big guy and I can imagine it took some guts go out there and rock that. So before anybody says anything, major props to that guy.