Okay, I’ll be honest.

We’re floundering here. Real life has hit us in the sac like nobody’s business. Beneath our calm, content-filled exterior is a raging torrent of conventions, moves, life adjustments, and overall real life business. Or busyness. Yeah. That’s right. Nadir has uprooted himself from his Pennsylvania hideaway and absconded to Connecticut. You can find him at 654 Merryall Lane. Something something 333748. He’s back, but you know how moves go. I still find myself unpacking things from my last move two years ago. Any longer, and I’ll just leave it packed up as I’m planning to move again this summer.

Coinciding with geographic upheaval comes bittersweet news on my end. Sweet because it’s totally kickass, bitter because things are going to get really busy on the professional front for me.

I kept my tongue in check for so long before saying anything, as if uttering a single word about it to anybody would cause this dream to vanish into thin air. Superstitious, I know, but you haven’t known sacred cows until you’ve seen my energy crystal collection.

Official news blast: I have landed a position at the World Science Festival. The WSF is a New York City based, yearly series of panel discussions, TED style talks, and performing arts events centered around the sciences and the scientific community. If you live in the city, you REALLY need to check it out.

I cannot say enough good things about this turn of events. Nor can I thank Nadir and all of you enough for keeping me pumped about Sci-ənce to really learn how to run a website well enough to put it on my resume. With preparation and careful planning, my work at the WSF will not affect the comic schedule here. In fact, it can do nothing but good things for the quality of content you see as I vigorously press my thumb onto the pulse of the scientific community.

The downside is that I might get a tad overwhelmed come go-time. I only ask for your understanding, and I thank you all in advance. HUGS!

NECSS NEWS: Holy crap, it’s THIS WEEKEND. One big change to take note of is that the venue for Friday’s Drinking Skeptically has been changed. It is now at Dewey’s Flatiron, which is slightly less ideal, but I hope to still see you there.

Mad Art Lab has a new logo! I’ll be posting there regularly sooner or later. I promise. I have a few articles on the back burner, as well as a big NECSS wrap up and Super Secret Project report!

Hm, what? Comic? Oh that thing. Pretty much explains itself. For more info, the Freakonomics guys did a great podcast on the Peltzman Effect. On top of those three, if your mind is not sufficiently blown, check out the McGurk Effect. Holy crap!

This post was brought to you by Iron (Fe).