Well, that escalated quickly. I want to thank all the folks who dove in on the discussion around Wednesday’s comic: There were a lot of great points made and some great new words thrown around.

I woke up this morning to find the comic unintentionally analogous to recent events, which I’ll get in to in a moment. It started yesterday when, Jesse Galef of the Secular Student Alliance appeared on CNN to talk about the growing trend of millennials to doubt the existence of god. I’m not sure whether the interviewer was intentionally trolling Jesse or whether the irony of her questions was just lost to her due to the pervasiveness of religious indoctrination (Hanlon’s Razor tells me to look to the latter). Nonetheless, Jesse does a spectacular job. He remains, cool, charming, and sticks to the point. Watch the clip below.

Now then, I woke up this morning to find that after giving this interview Jesse, the SSA, and JT Eberhard (who was at the phones after the interview aired) received a death threat. Seriously?

Nothing says “I’m really insecure about my faith and my own sexual orientation.” more than calling up an organization, calling them faggots, and threatening to knock their teeth out because they said that they offer support to students who doubt the existence of their deity, who in the end is really just a projection of their personal morals. WWJD? In this case, he apparently would call you on the phone and make homophobic remarks at you.

JT did push him a bit, but satire is one of the best weapons we have. Silly beliefs or silly reactions to other people’s beliefs only deserve to be met with ridicule, just as if somebody told you that the great Panda Worm* offers eternal cheesecake to those who dedicate their lives to it. Tempting, but utterly silly.

You can read more over at Jen McCreight’s  blog, Blag Hag.


UPDATE: Jesse has an AMA on Reddit. Check it out.


*If I didn’t have a day job, there would already be four different comics about this event.