A few weeks ago during the 2011 World Science Festival I commandeered the site in order to act as another vector for the disease called science. (I’m working on my metaphors) In full honesty, I did it because I was too busy to draw a comic for that day, but I felt the takeover worked. Similarly, we see another such takeover today because I have been frantically trying to pack all my belongings into little boxes. Yes, I am uprooting myself from my humble abode in Brooklyn, NY and moving slightly down the way in Brooklyn, NY. So it’s not terrible, and I hope the comic downtime will be kept to a minimum.

Back to the festival: As some of you may know, you were all robbed of one event due to technical difficulties—a good one too. The event was The Illusion of Certainty: Risk, Probability, and Chance, and as the title so cleverly states, it featured one of my favorite aspects of skepticism and human psychology. It actually threw a lot of plans under the bus here at Sci-ənce because I had been planning to use gems from the event in the recent cell phone comic about the same topic. But the good news is that we are broadcasting the event today, at 2pm EDT.

I will be one of the commentators on the event, along with WSF web editorial producer Greg Boustead, Boing Boing science editor Maggie Koerth-Baker (who was such a great sport when we had to  cancel the previous broadcast), and very very special guest, mathematician and science writer Amir Aczel, who is one of the panelists you will be seeing. So come on down and join the conversation. I know it’s in the middle of the afternoon, but I think you could convince your bosses that watching it would benefit the company tremendously. I guarantee it*******.




Today’s post is brought to you by the summer solstice, which was yesterday.

*******I cannot actually guarantee that statement.