Episode 2 of Strip Search is up, and first blood is drawn, hidden within a seemingly innocuous icebreaker. I actually drew two comics last night. I originally had planned to run one about surgeons playing video games, but I also wanted to do something for each Strip Search episode. I had myself a dilemma.

Because the Strip Search release schedule matches my comic schedule exactly, putting up a show related comic for each episode means that you won’t see any science material for months. Comicpress (my current template) doesn’t allow for multiple comics in one day, so that throws out a “morning/late” edition plan.

While I do some research, here’s the first Strip Search comic. Future strips will get a more secondary role, just because by design they’re going to be drawn in a hurry with whatever time I have left over from the actual comic of the day. Cheers!

Oh yeah, here’s the episode