A massive comic today. This was one of those things that started as a twitter joke and began expanding and expanding until it was 3AM and I had to say, “Alright, that’s enough of that.” So before you write to tell me which laser studies I missed (please do, actually, just in case), just know that you may be seeing this theme crop up again in the future. I had debated for a long time whether to use the description text or not. I decided that, as a standalone image, the text helps give the background that the links below will describe in full detail. Shall we?

Clouds. Were Pink Floyd laser light shows too obscure? I thought about using Kraftwerk. Because they’re still going strong.

Missiles. Here’s a more recent downing of a UAV. Oh, and here’s Boeing’s site about their laser jet.

Mosquitoes. Apologies for the cheap Windows joke, it was too easy. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is doing amazing things and has been a champion of using science to help people around the world, and combating malaria is only one of their goals.

Fruit Fly Penis


Fruit Fly Brain Stem

Lunar Ranging. How far back does our ire towards the moon go? Here and Here.


I might post a non-joke version in the future—either here or…

…on the Sci-ence Swag store! Some of you have noticed the link hanging out up there. I’ve been hesitant to announce it until I posted more products. If there is a particular drawing that you would like to see get merch treatment, let me know! Please buy stuff. I hear Nadir is wasting away more than usual.

Today is also Carl Sagan’s birthday. Here’s to you, star-crossed traveler.


Psst! I didn’t forget graphite! This post was brought to you by Buckyballs.