At least nothing else can go wrong.

What’s that? Halloween was Monday? How could I have missed that? How is that possible, is that even a thing?

Well, this post isn’t for timely viewers anyway. Since Maki forgot that it was halloween on Monday too, I thought I’d make this post for future perusers. It won’t matter in the future that the date is off.

Hello and welcome, denizens of the future!

To the rest of you Happy All Saints Day! oh, I missed that too. So what’s today? Well, a quick look at my SkepDay app tells me that on November 2nd 2000 a John Titor started posting on the internet claiming to be a time traveller, and made a bunch of predictions that never came true… ok.

Moving along,  is it just me or is halloween broken? I saw Sexy-Chucky and Sexy-Crayon outfits this year. As a kid I remember playing with my crayons and thinking ‘I wonder what Atomic Tangerine would look like with cleavage!‘ –and now the future has delivered. Glory. Doesn’t everyone know that the negative space is what makes a girls costume? Whatever else you happen to have on is just nudity-plausible-denial. So why the extra effort? Just put on a leotard and a scrunchie and get to drinking. Guys, on the other hand, have to tread a thin line. Either be clever or be understated, or risk making this mistake:

and you’re going home alone.

Remember that in 363 days.



This post was brought to you, appropriately, by Fermium (Fm).