Meant to do this comic a while back when news broke that Pluto may not be so worthless after all.  For those who are new to space (aren’t we all?) Pluto was demoted a few years back when astronomers started noticing that there was all sorts of stuff out there, some of it bigger than the notorious 9th planet. For a while, Eris held the highly coveted “biggest lump of ice” in the solar system. But after some more measurements, where scientists time how long it takes for said lump to occlude a star, they’re not so sure that is the case.

The news comes as mildly interesting to those who were not emotionally attached to the icy rock, and as a glimmer of hope to those who felt Pluto was like a dear friend to them. But unfortunately, being the largest dwarf planet is like being the biggest prawn or any other oxymoronic being of your choice.

The original NDT zinger I had planned was “the world’s tallest midget,” but despite having first heard it on House, I opted for something less offensive. Mostly because Greg House shouldn’t be my compass as to what is offensive or not. Incidentally, like many “things” out there, there’s a TV Tropes page about it. Hope you didn’t need the next few hours.

Plus, I secretly hope that the phrase “That’s like being the largest dwarf planet” will enter the skeptical/science vernacular as a phrase that insults neither little people, nor shellfish.


I forgot it was Halloween again. In college, Nadir and I would coordinate and go out in some manner of mad costumery, but these days I couldn’t be buggered. The downside is that I also forget to make Halloween-themed comics, and I know how much you all love your holiday comics and shit. As consolation, this post was brought to you by Laser Dyes. Look, a spooooooooky skeleton.