In college, Nadir and I were avid cosplayers, though I don’t know if that word existed back then or if it even applied to what we did. It was normal Halloween stuff: Luchodores, fairy tale duos*, religious figures, and probably the best Jay and Silent Bob around.

I didn’t dress up as anything when I went to Dragon*Con this past weekend, but some of my Mad Art Lab compatriots did. Given the saturation of costumes at something as big as Dragon*Con, I figured somebody would think that I was dressed as some obscure character, or just really bad at it. I played similar games while people watching, including:

“Well dressed? Or Dr. Who?”
“Jesse Pinkman? Or just in high school?”
“Man with a sprained ankle, wearing a Battlestar Galactica Colonial officer’s uniform? Or Felix Gaeta?”

And so on.

My Dragon*Con adventure started appropriately upon arriving at the hotel, which I can only imagine was some sort of theme hotel built for inconvenience fetishists. First, our trio discovered that we had been put in a single room instead of a double. This wouldn’t have been so bad, I have been known to sleep under coffee tables like a large bespectacled canine. What made it unique was the full-length window in the bathroom that gives you a unobstructed view of the shower and toilet from the bed. We totally bonded that weekend.

The hotel called this a “peek-a-boo” window (which I can’t believe was said with a straight face), and all the single rooms had one. After asking twice, a hotel “engineer” ceremoniously tacked a sheet up in front of it. The funniest part about this was that the bathroom had a door. You know, for when you need some privacy.

Very quickly dubbed the “Peek-a-Poo” window.


This was my first Dragon*Con, and I learned many great fashion lessons from it. For example, I learned not to wear a suit and nice shoes because it’s going to be 80 degrees and you’re going to stand all day. Also, bring two t-shirts per day. Because that fresh shirt from the week before that smelled of the ocean breeze at the start of the day, began to smell like the portion of the beach where all the fish wash up by the end. All this is moot if you happen to be George Hrab, who does not sweat.

In the end, I had an amazing weekend, and I have a hundred people to thank for making it so great. If you have the chance, take the trip down to Atlanta and see this, because it’s unlike any other convention I’ve ever attended. I only wish I made it to more panels, and the ones I did attend require more attention than can be listed here, so I’ll try to address them all in the coming days. Cheers!



Some housekeeping and updates.

You all got a taste of Nadir’s Phylo series on Wednesday. He will be posting these every week so that he can focus on his bread and butter comic book work. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking over Monday and Friday. I’ve got some interesting pieces lined up for all of you.

We recently broke 1000 followers on Twitter and are slowly reaching 2000 on Facebook. This is awesome, and I swell with pride remembering when we only had 100 fans and 79 of them were my friends. I can only ask all you to keep sharing, keep retweeting, and keep telling your friends about us. If you don’t already share and retweet, do consider it. If everybody who liked a post also hit the “share” button, we would explode. Literally figuratively explode.

It makes a huge difference and keeps the fires in the crazy train running strong. Thanks again.





*Hansel, Hansel, and Unfortunately Named Limo Company