No, it doesn’t.

And there is no bus stop metaphor. I tried, dear sweet baby Velociraptor Jesus, I tried. I actually wrote a whole post trying to compare it with the future of space travel in America. But I felt it just took away from a self-admittedly wonderful comic. So I will mince words and let you go about your way unfettered by badly researched prose. At best, a bus stop can be a metaphor for something you don’t want to do: Stand on the sidewalk of life and wait for opportunity to come by. Hail the cab of ambition! Take the rented car of self-directed motivation! But please, don’t wait for the bus, because the buses are terrible and the one you’re waiting for probably already left.

Deflection! Along with this comic, I spent the weekend drawing more space stuff. I’ll release them as I put the finishing touches, so expect some beau-tee-ful nebulae and starscapes in the future. For now here is a desktop wallpaper for your computing device of choice, available in widescreen and boring. Enjoy!

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This post was brought to you by Boron (B).

Note: NGC 2419 is the brightest, most remote Globular Cluster that we have observed. You can see a photo of it here. During a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, my girlfriend suggested that ‘Globular’ would make a great cat name. I have to agree.