Just some updates to my recent video game community comic, which I have added there as well. Seems most folks commenting on the strip are getting hung up on the term “gamer.” They define a gamer as somebody who has clocked 200 hours on Skyrim (who hasn’t?) or plays competitively. I understand the sentiment and all the analogies that come with it. But bear in mind the report is an accurate polling of people who play games, and the term “gamer” is used by me, and only me, loosely. I was going to apologize for the unclear language, but nah.

Make fun of Angry Birds all you want, but last I checked, there wasn’t an application to be a gamer. Nor is being a gamer limited to video games, for that matter. I actually feel the ESA report leaves out the entire demographic of tabletop gamers: Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, Lord of the Rings Risk, etc.  For clarity, the comic mainly focuses on video games, but in its final message reminds us that the only application into gamerhood is answering, “yes” to the question:

You game?


The second part to this update (and the fuel behind the impromptu comic) is the very recent firing of Destructoid writer Ryan Perez over some tweets he drunkenly* directed at Felicia Day. Here’s the excerpt from the Destructoid report:

“I keep seeing [you] everywhere. Question: Do you matter at all? Do you even provide anything useful to gaming, besides “personality?” could you be considered nothing more than a glorified booth babe? You don’t seem to add anything creative to the medium.” 

Any company that wanted to keep its reputation and working relationships intact probably would have done the same (Edit: or forced a pretty big apology out of Perez). Let me make it clear that the comments themselves are really not that bad, but they are needlessly nasty and lack the professionalism and constructive nature that one expects from a journalist. This is a matter of professional conduct. Slightly more unsettling is the continued misogynistic trend of both Perez’s tweets and the internet backlash over Destructoid’s decision to let him go.

Let’s say you (yes, you) post a fan video you made about Skyrim and it immediately goes viral. While basking in your newfound fame (congrats!) a writer at a gaming site tweets at you, “I keep seeing you everywhere. Do you matter at all?” If you’re looking for a proper reaction “What is that about?” is definitely it. For what purpose are they pouring dirt on the birthday cake?

Would said writer get fired for such  a mean-spirited comment? Maybe, maybe not. Indeed that may be a question of how famous you are and how much PR backlash there would be in reaction to the unprovoked harsh verbage upon your undeserving person.

Also depends on how the company feels about keeping assholes around. Clearly, Perez just didn’t matter enough to them.


 Update: Perez did eventually apologize to Day. All would be right in the world if he didn’t quickly shift his vitriol to Wil Wheaton of all people. End of Show has the write-up.

*Don’t drink and tweet, kids.