With that our series winds to a close. I have a few bonus bits to make up for possible comic deficits at the end of the month. Good times were had by all. We met some astronomers in zombie form, had some real action, gained a roommate, and saw the return of Jim Farrelly, ironic anchor extraordinaire.

Funnily enough, the series started the week of this year’s full moon/lunar perigee, and ended the day after a solar eclipse (which I sadly missed). COINCIDENCE*?! What really is neat about the whole timing is that the eclipse happened at lunar apogee, which means it didn’t fully obscure the sun, giving an awesome “ring of fire” effect if you were in the right area. A great month all around for astronomy!


This post was brought to you by Bromine (Br).

*Even with the wide goalposts I just gave myself, yes, completely.