Every year the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art has a festival in downtown Manhattan chock full of comics and their creators. I’ve joined forces with The Adam’s Matt “Matt Lubchansky” Lubchansky, and we’re going to set up a table to trounce all tables. You won’t be able to miss us. We’ll be the big fuzzy guys with glasses.

Speaking of upcoming events, April is chock full of event goodness, but it will probably mean comic lean-ness, I’m afraid. PAXmas is this weekend, so there won’t be a comic Friday or Monday. I’ll try to post something, and we’ll return to our schedule next Wednesday with more MoCCA Fest neuroses from myself.

NECSS! The annual North East Conference for Science and Skepticism is on April 21 and 22 this year, and the line-up is fantastic. There will also be a special NECSS Story Collider on the 20th. At first I thought that this would be the first Story Collider where I could say I knew every storyteller, but Jamy Ian Swiss had to go and ruin it all. Though I’ll be giddily looking forward to meeting him.

Speaking of which, if you will be at NECSS this year, please let me know! I love meeting people, and hope to see you at the coming events.

This post was brought to you by swag, which I’ll be creating new avenues of to sell at MoCCA Fest. Even if you can’t make it, check the Swag Store as it will be updated with all new stuff.

For those of you who were wondering: Yes, Monday’s comic was an April Fool’s joke. Phrenology is crap on a stick. Though I think forcing himself to write about it as a valid scientific concept gave Nadir some ideas for future comics. I mean in the cognitive dissonant sense, not like writing about chakras without irony. I think.

I know it was the 2nd, but posting on Sunday would have really given it away. If you caught my acronym, kudos! I spent the entire morning trying to shoehorn that in there. Thanks Google Translate.