While researching Monday’s space spice comic, the nasal decongestant properties of horseradish/wasabi/mustard were oft touted, and it didn’t sit right with me. Sure enough, while I was only able to find one study, it did not bode well for the sinus clearing condiments. Before, I had figured that, at best, the reaction to wasabi merely flushed out the old snot with newer, runnier snot—with a good helping of tears as well*. The study not only discredits the claim, but seems to show that eating the green stuff is potentially hazardous for one’s nasal vacancy.

Going to the doctor this morning to get my bronchial tubes replaced. My current ones seem to have inflamed. I haven’t been to the doctor in a while, they just pop the new ones in while you wait, right?



*It’s all connected in there. This is why your nose runs when you cry.