Here’s the comic that would also have appeared on Tuesday. I decided to publish it today just in case I was inspired to draw a comic for Friday’s episode of Strip Search.

The research, published in PLOS ONE last week, had 21 subjects put on a regimen on Nintendo Wii games, and then tested on their surgical skills (speed, accuracy, etc). The study found that because of the similarities between laparoscopic surgery and video games where you navigate a 3d environment, the participants saw an improvement in their surgical skills. Video games also train players to operate a controller while watching a screen, a disconnect I remember quite well when I first bought my Wacom tablet.

Want to give it a shot? You can try your hand at a heart transplant in Surgeon Simulator 2013*. Enjoy!

Oh and speaking of Strip Search. I’ve been goofing around with creating official “Team Maki” collector’s swag for everyone. I should have a t-shirt ready version up in the store tonight. Cheers!

Team Maki

Serious. Business.

And the nearly finished T-shirt version!

Team Maki T-Shirt

Also serious.


*Not a real surgery training tool.