Let it be known that as of January 17th, 2011: ‘Carl Sagan‘, or in this case ‘Sagan‘, can now be used as a verb. To Sagan is to wistfully ponder upon or wax poetic about the cosmos. Webster’s Dictionary, take note.

What with the recent Astrology news, I scrapped the previous astrology comic I had planned and decided to hit the topic from another angle, as every skeptical website is going to explain why astrology is crap, not the least of which is Phil Plait’s blog, which I just linked earlier in this sentence.  I’m going to keep it short because there’s really enough text in the comic itself.

In the comic, I mentioned that the universe sings to us if we listen just right. I admit, I took some poetic liberty, but bear with me– While what we hear as sound cannot propagate through the vacuum of space, objects can emit electromagnetic frequencies such as radio and x-rays, which can be converted into audible sounds. A distant black hole can be heard delivering a B Flat note, while a pulsar sounds like a bongo as it rapidly spins, throwing bursts of gamma rays around like a lighthouse. Below are some links I managed to find while writing this article. Enjoy!

Planet Sounds at

Sound of the Sun at

Various Radio Frequencies captured by amateur astronomers.

Jupiter in particular is very relaxing.

This post has been brought to you by Cesium (Cs).