Bubblegum Coral, aka Paragorgia arborea, is the upbeat name given to this genus of cold-water gorgonian coral and is the second in Maki’s Phylo Coral Reef illustrations!

As a sea fan Bubblegum Coral prefers areas of exposed currents to sift through and they can grow up to six meters. The branches are all covered in polyps and each individual polyp has eight tentacles. That’s a lot of tentacles! And they look R’lyeh cool up close, er I mean, really cool up close.

I approve of the Bubblegum nickname and the positive lens with which we view these colorful corals–but just for fun, below, I cut up some images of bubblegum coral and mixed them in with images of various diseases I found on a medical website. Can you separate the VD from the bubblegum coral?:








Which ones did you choose?

I’m not exactly sure why but so far no major game companies are interested in my ‘VD or Coral?” flash card game.

Anyway, you all guessed correct, they’re all bubblegum coral (I’m not allowed to browse medical websites). Thanks for playing!


biggen it








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avatar-maki-leftI may be too late, but this post is probably NSFW—yet at the same time not. Either way, take a good long look. This is as close as marine life and quantum physics gets, folks.