Coral Reefs are as delicate as they are beautiful, and as a way to reverse some of the damage done to them by natural and unnatural factors (such as bottom trawling–the equivalent of punching and kicking everything on the ocean floor)  a team of scientists is suggesting that a swarm of ‘coralbots’ could help with repair efforts. That is, if the team can raise enough money to demonstrate the concept would work. The bots could potentially dive deeper and work more effectively as a swarm than human divers.

Helping the coral reefs would be great, but a swarm of bots? A helpful swarm of bots? I want to live in this future.

Today’s Brain Coral is the second illustration in our Phylo card set series, (see the first, Tiger-Shark, here). I was particularly excited about tackling this one, mainly to see if I could make spacial sense of all the ridges without jumbling or muddying it up.

For a detail view check out the image below.

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Marine scientist David E. Guggenheim once described the ocean trawling process as akin to dragging a net through the streets of Brooklyn in order to catch squirrels. It’s a terrible, destructive way to catch fish.