As promised. Some MoCCA Fest doodles! I didn’t draw a whole lot, which was a good thing as there weren’t too many lulls, even on Sunday. Before I get into how great it was, let me explain the two comics. It was interesting and amusing being on that side of the table for once, because I saw my own convention behavior from another perspective. Poor Matt, though. He had a fellow walk up, look long, hard, deep at one of his prints, put his hand in his pocket, and walked away. BOOF Disappeared. I laughed. I felt bad. I drew some comics about it.

No hard feelings to folks who decide not to buy stuff, I can relate wholesale, and I’m sure at some point in the past I’ve totally cockteased a poor exhibitor. Though maybe not. I tend to follow carnival rules at conventions and not make eye contact unless I see something really neat.

Also included are anime Matt and a drawing of this awesome woman we saw walking around in a shiny orange coat and cowboy hat. Pardon my language, but she gave zero fucks, and I respected that. You could see in her swagger that she had 100% confidence. I don’t think I could ever pull it off without a creeping insecurity manifesting itself in my gait. Kudos!

Oh right, so how was the con? Awesome. I had one of those warm fuzzy feelings the entire time and had a lot of fun connecting with comic lovers and even a few folks who recognized me. I so wanted to be attentive and engaging that I almost forgot to go out and see the rest of the show, which was so chock full of great stuff. I even had a chance to meet some folks whose work I greatly admire such as Aaron Diaz, Meredith Gran, and Box Brown.

Good stuff all around. Many thanks to Matt Lubchansky for getting the ball rolling. I’m pretty sure I will be there next year. Cheers!

One more for the road. An unrealistically slim, drunk/tired me, Matt with "Mignola Mouth" and the guy in the booth across from us.