Burning questions and wild speculation following the debate last night. Mainly, what was Obama writing/doodling over there? My vote is on Dickbutt.

I was hoping for some great zingers and material, but got pretty much nothing out of the two candidates. People are saying Obama was too cool and poised compared to Romney’s “amped” new personality, but what did they expect? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Obama amped. Thankfully, I think Matt and Oz will save tomorrow’s debate comic.

That said, if you’re planning to vote based on the perceived outcome of these debates, you may want to reconsider your reasons for voting. These are chest-beating matches. Candidates are made to look good, and the truth was stretched by either side. Do your research and stick to the facts.

Though to be honest, even if Romney had a detailed, functionally sound plan to fix healthcare, jobs, and the economy, he still would have lost my vote on the creepy “We are all children of the same god” crap he managed to slip in there. The tidbit pretty much cemented my view that we should treat the founding declarations of America less like a holy book and more like a working document subject to criticism, review, and change.


Oh, and there really are debate bingo cards.