avatar-maki-leftI have to give props to Nadir for being able to explain Shroedinger’s Cat in only one panel. It’s a thought experiment near and dear to me, not because it involves live/dead cats, but because it took me ages to wrap my head around it. See, the beauty and thrill of science is not in the result, it’s in the chase. If you visit the Large Hadron Collider where CERN scientists are busy chasing down the Higgs Boson and Super-Symmetry, and you poll them, a large percentage of them are thrilled at the prospect of finding nothing at all, because for them, they might get some neat results, but then the chase continues.


This beauty and thrill is sadly not well understood by consumers of quack medicine and new age bunk who are content, complacent even, with just throwing their money at the first person who can arrange the words ‘bio-field’, ‘energy’, and ‘fucking magnets’ into a completely meaningless product pitch. These people, and the asshats who sell the products, make me a sad panda.

But I feel most of you are smarter than that, in fact I know it. Most of you out there, with the help of the guiding hand of science and reason, can spot suspicious claims and ridiculous self-improvement modalities. I started Sci-ənce as an arm on that hand. Wait. Yeah. I wanted to explain in a humorous, visual manner, the flawed mechanisms of unscientific beliefs. I hope that through the comic, we can point a finger on that hand. Er. Yeah! Right. –and laugh at the absurdity of things like astrology, homeopathy, vitamin C mega-dosing, ‘toxins’, and acupuncture, but to do it with one hand on your shoulder, laughing with us.

Won’t you laugh with us?

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Fucking Magnets.