A new episode of Strip Search went up today, and people began wondering where I disappeared to. SPOILERS: I’m guessing that due to time constraints, and the fact that Lexxy and I pretty much had the same reasoning behind our answers, I was left out. Lexxy did put on the better show. Though in hindsight, my quietness probably saved me from stepping up to the chopping block that day.

This isn’t the first time on the I’ve (inadvertently) shown an expert poker-face—dubbed the Beardwall by commenter Gavindel. It’s interesting watching myself on the show, because not only can I now see myself as others see me, but I have the added benefit of being able to overlay that image with what was going on behind the beard and comedic t-shirt. We’ll see what else we can all learn about me as the show progresses.



Not to say that flying under the radar doesn’t have its benefits.