Enough people comment kindly on the backgrounds of the Russell’s Teapot comics that I decided to post a bonus page of yesterday’s comic with all the background elements removed. The magic of Photoshop layers! Enjoy! I’m surprised you could see anything through the text in the first place, but I thank everyone for the comments. Nadir calls it Science without Science: The Web Comic after a fan’s adjustment of a popular newspaper strip. Oh hey, some news!

Neurologica has an article that sheds light on the recent ‘new sign’

Also an interview with the astronomer who started the whole ‘zodiac crisis’ and introduced the new sign. He’s apparently quite amused at how much panic it’s caused. Hats off, you clever dastard!

Based on these two articles, I wonder if Ophiuchus is going to hold and make its way into newspaper horoscopes. Not that it matters, the whole thing is bunk.  But here we have an actual scientist pointing out a flaw in their precious pseudoscientific system. To ignore it, and the hoops and mental gymnastics that it would take to rationalize said cold shoulder, would be a huge slap on their own faces as they take they gather up their paper fortune tellers and go play with somebody else.  Either way… THAT’S MATERIAL!