It was aight.

No, it was spectacular!

I have so much that needs to be condensed down into a post-necss report. There will be plenty of stories, talk synopses, and comics based off the convention for a good while. I’ll also recount conversations I had with some of my favorite people in the science and skeptical community, as well as officially thank everyone who made the conference such an enriching experience for me. Really, there are so many thanks to give out.

Until I cobble all that together, I’ll share with you the fruits of my super secret project–part of which is the image above. A little while back, I was contacted by classical opera singer and Scopes Monkey Choir podcaster Hai-Ting Chinn about doing some illustrations for her NECSS presentation, which in turn is part of her larger solo project Science Fair, a Mr. Wizard style musical journey about science full of experiments and demonstrations all aurally connected to the music. The piece was composed by her husband and co-podcaster Matt Schickele, and using the text as inspiration, takes you through a variety of North American mammals both great and small. Suffice to say, I was pumped for many reasons I will list after the wolverine:

  1. I had been looking for a really good way to get involved with NECSS.
  2. I wanted to draw animals.
  3. I really wanted to draw animals.

So I set to it! I got on Google Image Search (where else am I going to find a wolverine?) messed with some new brushes in photoshop, and BAM– a series of drawings some of which I feel could have been found in an old Time Life textbook.

Hopefully I’ll have a recording for you relatively soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about Science Fair, Hai-Ting, and The Scopes Monkey Choir in this Mad Art Lab interview conducted by MALabber Smashley.