Hypothetically, if a stream of feline sputum looked up at you with glassy eyes and said ‘HEY!’, would you tell anybody? I imagine you might pinch yourself first, or make sure your medication wasn’t switched by that mischievous troll who lives in your stove. Its understandable, claiming that a cat booger screamed a hurried greeting, and mockingly dangled its existence in front of you, just out of reach, before being sucked back into the nostril from whence it came, might sound a wee bit crazy.

But lets face it, if a thousand people believed in the booger cat, it would become religion and my girlfriend could buy tax-exempt cat food. There will be a petition later for you all to sign.

Stepping away from absurdity, statements and claims are made everyday that fall under the dubious category of “anecdotal evidence”, the definition of which is pretty simple. It is hearsay. It is testimony without concrete evidence. In most social situations, anecdotes are 100% acceptable and can be taken at face value, dependant on how trustworthy the source is. But its important, even when talking to somebody you trust, to keep a skeptical outlook. In social statements, and even in the court of law, eyewitness accounts are tantamount.  But in science, that crap doesn’t hold a drop of water. Future comics in this series will expound on why as we’ll discuss logical fallacies, falsifiability, and the psychological factors that should shine doubt on claims made without evidence.

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