I received a lot of responses to yesterday’s comic. Some folks agreed, some offered gentle nudges, and some were less than encouraging. But such is the internet. The furor my off-the-cuff reaction to G+ caused in the hearts of skeptics and fanboys alike made me take pause a moment and really dive in. Because I am no luddite, and also because in the face of new evidence, I will change. bamscience

I originally lamented that G+ just seemed like Twitter Lite and Facebook Lite rolled into one. I was wrong. It’s Twitter and Facebook rolled into one. With little difficulty, you can write an update and share it to the public like Twitter (a public option, if you will *giggle*), to your fans/clients circle like a newsletter, or to just to your friends a la Facebook. I can already see how useful this will be for somebody like me.

I lamented that it was just another list of notifications to look after—BUT NAY—if everybody jumps aboard, its two less notifications to look at because I can do all my spam- er marketing from here. Also, the dynamic notifications allow you to follow up without having to click to the new page. Brilliant, google!

Les Jenkins also pointed out that the underlying issue here is Google’s user friendliness versus Facebook’s user sneakiness. No backhanded privacy changes, no ramming stupid farm/mafia games down everybody’s throats, and no ads…yet. Already I have seen seen several instances where Google quickly stepped up and met a user concern with a hasty fix. Namely in the profile options for those who would rather keep their gender private (also note that there is an option to list your gender as “other.” Because Google is on top of things like that).

Plus I discovered the thing that flips through the photos when you click on somebody’s profile pic. How swell is that?

As far as the elusive “+1″, I may have formulated an answer that will elevate Google to epic proportions… Because a one that isn’t cold, is scarecely a one at all. Clearly Google +1′s are beers!

So Google: You’re alright, kid. I will enjoy continually exploring your labyrinthine circles, huddles, hangouts, sparks, and streams. WITH GUSTO.



Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy and Conecti.ca for sharing yesterday’s comic. Cheers!